Monday, October 05, 2009

Where we have been!

I have had a lot of emails wondering why we never posted from China and I am so sorry for those who missed my note that we would be posting at (it is our Baby Jellybeans site). We posted there as the site was not blocked in China. If you would like to read about our journey you can go to and click on China trip and there are posts from each day. We have been home a week now and things are going good. We had a bad case of jet lag and had a rough 1st week with sleep but it is getting better. Emma is doing good and we are still working on the bonding issues.
Mike had to go back to work today and Emma had a little meltdown this morning without her BaBa. I think BaBa had a meltdown too!
This past week we tried to just hang out and spend time with Emma. We did do a few little day trips to the aquarium and the zoo. We also had some wonderful visits from family and friends.
I will try to give a better update later but just thought I should address my emails and let everyone know what was going on!


The Tracy's said...

Emma is adorable! So glad you guys made it home safely.

Donette said...

I am so glad to finally hear about your time at home. I have been thinking of you all so often. Emma is so cute. We can't wait to meet her. Everything will work out perfectly in the bonding department and it will happen very fast.

We love you all!!

Lisa and Tate said...

Take the time you need to get back in the ZONE. Then I want details of life as a momma!!!